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AKVIS Chameleon 7.9

Application that allows you to merge two or more images into a single one
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AKVIS Chameleon is a simple but useful application that allows you to merge two or more images to create a single one. You can use different merging effects: Montage, Chameleon, Blend, and Emersion. The program can be used as a stand-alone application or as a plug-in with other applications.

To use it as a stand-alone application, it requires just a few steps. First, you need to add the background and foreground images. Then, you can use the keep area pencil to outline the areas of the foreground picture that should appear, and use the drop area pencil to outline the parts that you don't want to be merged. Next, you need to select a merging mode to finally save the result and use it as the source image if you want to combine other pictures.

It is not required to use the pencils if you just want to overlay the images, except for the Emersion mode that doesn’t overlap them, but just embeds certain parts. For the last mode mentioned, you have to consider the colors and size of the pixel zones of the background that will be taken to embed the foreground image.

Among other features, you can move and adjust the size for both the background and foreground pictures, adjust the level of opacity, save fragments with their parameters to load them later into other designs, and zoom in the images to merge them with more precision.

All in all, with this program you can create outstanding collages without being a professional graphic designer. You will just need a bit of precision when moving the mouse pointer.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • It can be used as plug-in or as stand-alone application
  • You can use an eraser tool to erase drawn outlines and redraw them again
  • It supports different image formats


  • You can only use the pencils to draw the outlines, there is not a selection box to select an area
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